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We're Green!


Recycling has always  been an integral part of our business. While  nationally, only about 84%  of household appliances are recycled, we have  maintained a 100%  recycling rate!

      Any appliance not accepted for reconditioning is properly   recycled. We are EPA Licensed and Certified to remove and reclaim all  CFCs,  HFCs, and CHFCs.

Did You Know.....?


* It takes 4 times as much energy to make steel from virgin ore?
* Annually enough energy is saved by recycling steel to   electrically power 18 million households for one year!
*A steel mill using recycled scrap reduces related water & air  pollution, and  mining wastes by about 70%. 

Drop Off Recycling

 What:   Refrigerators, freezers, washers,  dryers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, water heaters.
Where:  Our shop at 988 Dayton Street in  Aurora, CO 80010.
Cost:  Give us a call for the cost. 

When: Please CALL FIRST to arrange dropoff assistance.
Why:  Good stewardship of the  enviroment is  important to us-and to show our commitment, we provide this  service  to keep these items out of the landfills, to preserve our   resources. 

Be Green With Us!



 Lengthen the life of the appliances you  already own.  When they do break down, fix them! We sell parts and offer  professional advice  to the "do it yourselfer". We also have affordable  service available. 



 We pay cash for newer model appliances, working or not!  You'll get  top dollar for your appliance here. We refurbish them, giving them a   new 'lease on life', extending their usefulness.  



  Finally, when an appliance has reached its maximum usable  life, we responsibly recycle them.